Success Stories

The years I spent learning from Doug were some of the most transformational of my life. He coached and transformed me into a man of faith, principle, and discipline. He pushed me to strive for perfection in all that I do. He taught me to cascade vision and inspect the desired result.  He coached me through becoming a father and leading a family.  He showed me how real leaders influence and taught me that they forfeit the right to make excuses.

Most importantly he saw a young man that needed Chick-fil-A, and he allowed me to become a part of his business and family. I am eternally grateful for the time he spent developing me. I am without a doubt a better man, husband, father, and employee because of the way that he and Peggy cared for me. Doug’s lifelong dedication to the success of this brand is apparent in all he does.

He is the epitome of a servant leader.  I am proud to know him and even prouder to know that I am just one of the hundreds of young leaders that he has invested in during his tenure as an Operator.

Jacob Smith

Principal Program Lead, Strategic Reinvestment, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


I appreciate that Doug let me cut my teeth in leadership and business management. Growth often takes place as mistakes, and he gave me the opportunity to make mistakes on his dime!

Some of the things I learned working for Doug were:

“Start strong, finish strong.” Doug taught me that leaders set the pace and see things through to the end. I always liked this analogy and still use it from time to time today.

“Make it happen.” No matter what comes up or what external factors present themselves, the show goes on! Doug gave me a lot of responsibility and I felt the pressure early on, which forced me to get better and to figure things out for myself so that we could keep things moving forward!

Jamie Fuller

Operator, Chick-fil-A West Towne FSU


Here are the top three takeaways I gained from working with Doug:

1. Great systems executed relentlessly create great results.

2. Always have a healthy restless discontent. You can always be better.

3. I learned how to lead. Doug taught me that by sharing his vision, making sure I had what I needed, and then trusting me to make it happen. It was that vision, provision, and trust that led me to learn how to lead a team effectively.

Josh Sells

Operator, Chick-fil-A Hills and Dales FSU


Doug’s investment in me is a large part of why I am at the Support Center today, and the way he led as an Operator has impacted how I am as a leader with my team today.

As a Team Member, here is how I remember Doug:

Caring – Doug saw people, even people who might otherwise blend into the background. He truly cared for people and was able to balance the needs of the business with his desire to invest in relationships and care for his team.

Passion – Doug’s passion for his business was clear, even to a 16 year old kid. You want to follow someone who has a passion for what they do and what they believe in.

Excellence – Doug called people to be their best. He had a gift of seeing people for their potential and not just for who they were at the moment. I wasn’t always the most qualified, but he saw something in me he wanted to invest in. And for that, I am grateful.”

Ryan Swinford

Executive Director, Existing Restaurants, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


“I’ve learned a lot from Doug personally and professionally. He loves his family, community, and team. During my time at his restaurants, he gave me the opportunity to learn and grow in many different areas so that I could develop skills on a variety of subjects and find what areas were most interesting to me.

I am now serving on the Chick-fil-A, Inc. Public Affairs/Public Relations Team and get to support Operators and restaurants across the country. Working with Doug gave me the confidence to pursue my dream job and what it would take to keep it.”

Chloe Wade

Sr. Lead Advisor, Field Support Public Affairs, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


“Doug Barnett was instrumental in my journey to becoming an Operator. In my time with Doug, I learned the fundamentals of what it meant to be a servant leader. In my two years with Doug and his leadership team, I transformed into a humble and confident servant leader.

There is no way I would have accomplished my goal of becoming an Operator if it were not for Doug and his leadership team. I’m forever grateful for Doug’s passion, courage, honesty, and vision that helped me grow into the leader I am today.”

Kyle Schisler

Operator, Chick-fil-A Crestview FSU


Working at Starr’s Mill CFA, I made lasting relationships that I continue to value. I learned so much about the business as a whole, how to show care to the people you work with and serve, and flexibility to meet ever changing business needs.

I truly appreciate my time in the store and all I learned while there.

Danielle Gray

Senior Specialist – Strategic Reinvestment


Chick-fil-A was my first job at 15 years old. At the time i just saw it as a way to teach me financial responsibility and to help save for my first car. Little did I know that I would get so much more out of it in return. I saw all the endless opportunities to grow in leadership and in a possible future career. I kept pushing myself to grow and move up in leadership.

I formed a passion to help grow and develop others just as I was over the years. Now I am the Senior General Manager at Doug Barnett’s Senoia GA location. I am so thankful and blessed for the opportunity Doug has given me to pour into this team and community and also to further my goals with Chick-fil-A.

Sara Beth Dahlin

Senior General Manager, Senoia location


What was it like working for Doug?

“Working for Doug has been crucial for my development as a Chick-fil-A professional. I am constantly challenged and given opportunities to add things grow in my role.”

What did you learn professionally or personally while working at CFA?

“Through our LAUNCH program, I have had the opportunity to read 12+ books about developing myself and others. I have had the opportunity to present to staff at the Chick-fil-A Support Center, dive into team member experience projects, think more positively, and gain more knowledge in Human Resources.”

What is one of the main takeaways or things you remember while working at cfa?

“My main takeaway with working at Chick-fil-A is the relationships I have been able to build. Every person I have come into contact with in our organization has held a great purpose in my path and I am thankful that this position provides me the opportunity to come into contact with so many people.”

Haley Harris

Director of Human Resources


“I have experienced tremendous growth, both personally and professionally, in my time working for Doug Barnett and Chick-fil-A Fayetteville Towne Center, Starr’s Mill and Senoia. As a Launch candidate, I began my climb as a team member at Starr’s Mill in January 2021. By November of 2022, less than 2 years later, I was promoted to General Manager of our Fayetteville Towne Center location.

It has not come without challenge, but the countless leadership lessons I have learned along the way will prove to be invaluable to me in all my future endeavors. My biggest takeaway from my time here has been that in order to be great, you must be relentless every single day in your pursuit of excellence.”

Chase White

Senior General Manager, Fayetteville Towne Center location


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